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Do you know which is the best smartphone company in Bangladesh? The smartphone is an essential device to keep pace with the modern age. There are many smartphones manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. However, a number of companies have been able to gain popularity only by supplying phones according to customer demand.

In today’s article, we will discuss about 10 such companies. So, keep reading to know about the Top 10 Smartphone Band in Bangladesh.

List of Top 10 Smartphone Company in Bangladesh


Samsung is the best as well as the reputed mobile company in Bangladesh. Not only in Bangladesh but also Samsung is the best mobile manufacturing company in the world. They manufacture both budget and flagship phones, and they have unveiled a new oar for smartphones. In addition to smartphones, Samsung also produces feature phones and other electronic devices and accessories. They have both authorized showrooms as well as phone manufacturing factories in Bangladesh. It is difficult to find a person in Bangladesh who has not used a Samsung phone at least once.

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  • Official Website Link:
  • Factory Location: Shibpur, Narshingdi, Dhaka


Xiaomi is an emerging brand around the world, and its position is second in the world ranking of the smartphone. In terms of sales, Xiaomi’s position in Bangladesh is also after Samsung. They have been able to achieve customer satisfaction with their quality smartphones, and their manufactured smartphones are one of the most popular. One of the most interesting aspects of the Xiaomi phone is its design and build quality which has been able to attract the attention of the customers. Currently, a large population of Bangladesh is using their phones.

  • Official Website Link:
  • Factory Location: Kaliakoir, Gazipur, Dhaka


Realme is one of the growing companies in Bangladesh as well as in the world smartphone ranking. Day by day, they are strengthening their position in the global smartphone market. They now set up a smartphone manufacturing factory in Bangladesh in 2020 to further strengthen their position in Bangladesh. One of the main reasons for their popularity in Bangladesh is that they provide good quality smartphones at a relatively low cost. And their phones offer better camera and battery life than other budget phones.

  • Official Website Link:
  • Factory Location: Vogra, Gazipur, Dhaka


Oppo, one of the most famous brands in the world, is currently in the ranking number of Bangladesh Phone Company. Known as the camera phone, Oppo uses world-class cameras in their smartphones. Oppo, a multinational smartphone maker, opened its tenth production unit in Bangladesh in November 2019. Here in Bangladesh, this company manufactures both budget and mid-budget smartphones. If anybody is looking to get a phone that would allow him to capture a decent selfie, he should choose an OPPO.

  • Official Website Link:
  • Factory Location: Vogra, Gazipur, Dhaka


Vivo is another largest smartphone company in Bangladesh. For the past few years, they have been supplying smartphones to the Bangladeshi market. Due to its popularity in the Bangladeshi market due to its brand value and product quality, it officially set up a factory in Bangladesh in 2019. All their manufacturing smartphones come with excellent and exclusive features than others. All the Vivo smartphones are crafted with excellent quality cameras as well as they offer excellent battery life and build quality. Vivo became the 5th largest smartphone company in the world, shipping more than 100.7 million phones.

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  • Official Website Link:
  • Factory Location: Rupganj, Narayanganj, Dhaka


Since the inception of smartphones in Bangladesh, Nokia has consistently been the most popular brand, and there are a number of factors contributing to this. It was able to capture the affections of millions around the world because of its very low price, user-friendly design, straightforward approach, and amazing functionality, among other factors. Not only that, but if you go back in time, this brand was responsible for the vast majority of the world’s best-selling phones throughout the per-smartphone period. In 2022, Nokia started to manufacture smartphones in Bangladesh.

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  • Official Website Link:
  • Factory Location: Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City, Gazipur, Dhaka


Walton is a Bangladeshi-owned smartphone manufacturing company. This company not only manufacture smartphone, but they have a lot of electronic accessories like Smart Television, Fridge, and many more. Walton smartphones, which are manufactured by a nearby organization in Bangladesh, compete with worldwide smartphones in terms of their wonderful layout, better form, top-class appearance, high-give-up technologies, and a variety of applications, among other things. They are currently producing more advanced smartphones to survive in the market competition with other brands. They supply a budget-friendly smartphone for students or middle-income persons.

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  • Official Website Link:
  • Factory Location: Kaliakoir, Gazipur, Dhaka


A few years ago, Symphony brand was at the top of the smartphone market in Bangladesh. Basically, Bangladesh has entered the era of smartphones with the help of Symphony. Several years ago, Symphony branded smartphones were the only king in the smartphone market of Bangladesh. But now it is almost lost in the crowd of other famous expensive brands. One of the reasons behind this is that they are no longer able to deliver the product according to the customer’s demand.

  • Official Website Link:
  • Factory Location: Zipper Factory Road, Savar, Dhaka


Tecno’s primary concentration is on developing markets of the smartphone. When they entered Bangladesh in 2017, it was still a rapidly growing brand. But it now has numerous established and devoted affordable brands. Tecno opened its first phone assembly plant in Bangladesh in 2018. It underlined their commitment to this market and their desire to expand. Tecno smartphone may be offered at a lesser price due to fewer tax payments. Tecno is one of the most popular and reliable smartphone brands in Bangladesh.

  • Official Website Link:
  • Factory Location: Vogra, Gazipur, Dhaka


In Bangladesh, Itel was first introduced in 2017. Initially, they solely launched low-cost smartphones. They might quickly gain favor among low-budget customers. The main reason for this is because the camera quality is reasonable for the price, and there is a high demand for a decent camera in the low-budget market. For ordinary chores, the performance of these smartphones is typically smooth. The patterns are also quite appealing. Itel made history in 2018 when they opened their first phone manufacturing in Bangladesh.

  • Official Website Link:
  • Factory Location: Vogra, Gazipur, Dhaka

Final Thought

This was our Top 10 Smartphone Company in Bangladesh 2022 list. The 10 companies we have discussed here each produce smartphones from their own factory in Bangladesh. Through them, the demand is met in Bangladesh smartphones. One of the hopes is that they have maintained their reputation for a long time by providing customer demand in smartphones.

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